Nov 2, 2010

November 2nd - Heavy Rain

See ?
Kan da kata..
Masa terlalu pantas..
Haha..da masuk 2nd entry dahh..
Maaf..saya terlalu bosan..^^
Aktiviti wajib..Facebook..Blog..
Yang terbaharu..Twitter..^^
Nih semua bub KEBOSANAN yang melanda..
Currently listening to Without You by Thaqif..
Sweet ohh lagu nihh..his girlfriend are sooo lucky to have him..^^
Girlfriend maybe? ^^
Whoever she is..u are lucky babe..

on a sleepless night
you came around my mind
with a smile on your face

on a rainy day
you asked me to stay
told me not to be away
to hold you, tightly...

people come and go
they put up a show
thinking bout no one but themselves

pretty with no make up on
girl your as bright as neon
without you i'll be stranded here
in the darkness.. in the darkness..

imagine here without me
won't you feel lonely
not having a shelter

don't you ever wonder..

Baby I love you
and thats all i can do
without you, i will be lonely

Baby your the air that
i breath in without you
you know i can't keep on living...

Baby I Love You... So Much... 

(da vids..i can't put it altogether..grr..dunno why ><..)

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