Aug 1, 2012

Sweet Lily

I know a girl.
She's cute, not petite.
Not too tall, nor too short.
Heard her name, i'm imaging a white lily in mind.
A beautiful lily.
Blossom lily.
Her bright smiles whenever i look at her,
made my day. :)
Made me comfy.

We know each other less than a year,
maybe 6 month or less,
bahasakan diri hang dan aku,
yet, still sweet. :)

Talked about guys we like,
and sometimes crush yang dicipta suka suka.
Usually about her engineer 'hubby'
or my 'secret admirers' (kata lily) 
There's no such admirers pun,
tapi my sweet lily ni pandai cipta cerita.
And sebaik mula merapu,
pasti melarat hari ke hari.

I missed her.
Rindu nak usik usik,
bergelak ketawa dengan dia.
Nanti i'm going to be in Sabah 
and she's in Kelantan.
Harap masih ada peluang untuk luang masa sesama,
like we used to.

Rindu awak Cik Khalili Abd Manan. :)
Don't ever forget me !

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